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All The Small Things

We have some big plans with home renovations, but sometimes it feels good to just accomplish something small.

I worked on various projects in the house today but something that made me feel good was swapping the cabinet pulls in the bathroom vanity. I had originally measured and ordered new pulls to go with the chrome hardware but (as is often the case in home projects) something went wrong and they were not the correct size. I ordered some new pulls that arrived today and was super happy to see that they fit!

The vanity came with brushed nickel pulls (right) which I didn't like and didn't go with our hardware in the bathroom.


and after!

I'm really pleased with how it turned out. It's a small detail but it makes me feel one step closer to finalizing the bathroom. I also sealed the marble vanity today, hoping it saves us from an oops in the future! Oh! and we have a toilet as of yesterday. The mirror will be hung next week (that will make it look amazing).

This weekend is David's move-in! We need to hang doors upstairs, finish cleaning the paint on the trim, and clean the bedrooms. Hopefully, we can do this quickly so he can focus on moving his stuff in. Once he's moved, he's going to finish up the bathroom details so that hopefully I can move in next weekend. We still have to trim the bathroom and touch-up paint in there as well.

It's coming together! Often we don't see how much progress we're making but it's happening.

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