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at laaaassssttttt

The bathroom reveal at last! I have one tiinnnny little thing left to do in the upstairs bath, but overall, we are DONE.

This upstairs bathroom was by far my least favorite room in the house when we bought it, but my goodness, do I love it now!

This was the listing photo for the upstairs bathroom aka the BEST the bathroom could possibly look

In reality, it looked like this.... a hot mess

Most of the items that we needed to be usable we finished a couple of months ago but we were a little slow to finish up the details given the move + the WEDDING. We're really happy that now we can say we're officially finished. Obviously, I want to do the accessories but I want to be mindful and find exactly the right touches so no rush for us there!

and now, the final reveal...

Isn't it beautiful?!

I'm really happy that I made the choice to remove the bar lights up top and add two sconces on the mirror.

David made some custom shelves and added them to the closet. The closet is HUGE. It's perfect for our family so we have lots of space for our various products and storage.

I can't do a post on this bathroom without bringing up the mirror saga. Mike was generous enough to cut us a custom mirror for the bathroom that included holes for the outlet and two sconces. Now this turned out to be QUITE the saga.

The wall before the mirror!

All the special glue we put on during install.

We were so excited with how it was looking post install

until... oh no. The mirror cracked when David was installing the outlet and sconces.

So we had to rip out the mirror. And by we, I mean David removed the mirror as it shattered into countless pieces and glass dust. David went up to Mike's shop and helped cut a new one. The install day took houuuurs. They got to the house after 1:00 am to install it. We very carefullllyy installed the sconces and outlet on the second mirror and I have made the decision to not do any other mirrors with cut outs for the other bathrooms HA

I'm so pleased with how this all turned out, and so excited for the transformations. David is currently trimming the upstairs hallway (YAYAY). It looks SO good, I can't wait to show it off!



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