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Current Update! 7/18/23

"How are the projects going?" is a question that we've been getting pretty often. Sometimes, it feels like we've progressed a lot and sometimes I step back and think oh boy, there's still a lot left before we can...a) move in b) it's all functional c) it's ultimately all updated and decorated.

But all of that is going to take time. It's wild to see how far we've come in the past few weeks.

Current goals: Finish bedrooms and upstairs bathroom before move-in!

Bonus: paint the upstairs hallway and add trim to the upstairs hallway before move-in

While we're not sure if we'll get to the bonus part before we move in, it will be the next thing we do after we finish the bedrooms and upstairs bath.

Bedroom Updates:

All main trim added to bedrooms, door trim, baseboard trim, top of window trim added. David is working on extending the window sills to extend further once we added wider trim to the windows. We need to add quarter-round to the baseboards and caulk/paint touch up the trim.

Painting on the upstairs doors is coming along. This is from primer and one coat of paint. One more coat is definitely needed. See below for a reminder of the old door color. Some of the doors also needed to be patched before we could paint. We're hoping to replace the doors down the line but wanted to hold off on adding additional tasks and expenses right now (especially since we want to replace all of the doors inside).

Other items: I ordered hinges and various doorknobs for the doors. I chose oil-rubbed bronze for a pop since we are going from wood stained to painted white doors. I also ordered chrome doorknobs and hinges for the insides of the bathroom to maintain uniformity in the hardware and accessories in the bathroom.

Bathroom Updates:

The contractors are working on the bathroom. Here's a step-by-step update to where we are now!

I can't explain the joy of seeing this bathtub finally installed. We had been waiting so long and were so excited to see things finally come together.

Next step, they added the cement wall and created the inlet. I asked for it to be wider than standard for more storage space.

Next up was drywall patching and prepping for tile. This was the point where I was so relieved and grateful that we did not attempt to install the bathroom or tile on our own.

It took a lot of steps to get here but now they've started tiling! Our tile is 3x6 Sahara Carrara. I asked for 1/16th grout lines, keeping it as small as possible. I wanted to keep it thin because the tile itself is sharply cut so it would be fairly simple. I also chose warm gray grout for maintenance purposes. I figured if it was going to be darker grout, I'd rather it be as narrow as possible.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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