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Hello, HOME!

It has been a long while since I have posted here. About a month ago, David moved into the house. A couple of weeks later, Clara and I moved in.

Let's face it, the house has a long way to go. Many of the projects that we thought would be done before we moved are still not finalized, but a lot of to-dos are much easier to accomplish once we're living here full-time.

Over the last 12 days of living here, we have made a lot of progress. Here's a first look at the downstairs as we've moved our things in. Each of these rooms we'll be re-doing and documenting the process, but for now, this is home!

The kitchen! Currently usable, but we are very excited to remodel this entire space. I think living in it helps us see what would be best suited for a vital part of our home.

The current dining area! I have started working on drapery (as you can see). It makes even a temporary space feel homey. Currently, we are using a small kitchen table but there's lots of space (yay!) so we will be ultimately on the hunt for a table that we normally set for 6-8 but can expand for around 12! The dining room reno will be a bigger project because we will have to resurface the walls and likely swap the vinyl flooring.

The living room :) This room is still in progress but is a cozy space for us to enjoy game nights, movies, and family time.

For this room, I'm thinking of keeping a neutral wall, obviously redoing all of the trim. The piano looks great in its spot. We'll be adding two large sitting chairs for more seating. I think ultimately we want to add a built-in and create an electric fireplace on the wall.

Some potential inspo of what we're thinking of doing!

The office space! It's technically a "bedroom" in size so it is very roomy. I have a nice at-home office set up. When we re-do this room, we're thinking of painting it a hunter green and adding a large pull-out couch that could be used for guests. This room also has a full-bath attached which is next up on the contractor renovation work.

Stay tuned for more! We're about 85% finalized with the upstairs bathroom reno so I will add the transformation for that once it's finished.

xx Anna

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