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Not not planning my next bathroom remodel...

This past weekend was interesting. It was the weekend we had expected to finalize all of the bedroom updates and expected the contractors to be wrapped up on their part of the bathroom.

But that's not how renovations work.

It was odd because I'm looking at my last blog post, only about a week ago and we have made so much progress since then... but why did our work suddenly feel defeating? All this time I would jump for joy after progress had been made... but now, just near the finish line of Phase 1, I couldn't even see that it was coming together.

The renovation rollercoaster goes like this:

1) oh gosh, what are we doing

2) ok let's get started (this is a slow process)

3) oh yeah look at that, we're making progress

4) wait, is it even making progress?

5) oh it's finished.

Current to do!

David is officially moving in this weekend because his lease is up. Before that, we'd like to

1) clean up the paint that bled through the tape on the floor

2) finish painting and hanging a few more doors to the bedrooms

3) trim and paint the bathroom

....and hopefully, we'll be able to get the mirror figured out soon for the bathroom as well!

For now, here's a preview of where we're at. Lots of major progress!!!

First up, the bedrooms!

Here are a few angles of our bedroom. I can't believe that we are only a few small touchups away from being finalized with this.

It may not seem like much, but ripping out old trim and starting from scratch was a whole learning process. There are so many mini steps in between every step to make the walls, ceilings, windows, doorways, and trim all look like a huge upgrade from where we started. I'll do a whole post for each room once everything is finalized but for now, here ya go!!!

Now, for the bathroom! We start on our part aka trim, doors, wall touch-ups, and accessories very soon.

The shower preview:

Isn't it just amazing?! I can't believe where we started and where we're at now.

And now a sneak peek of the vanity!

It's looking good and most importantly FUNCTIONAL!

Next steps:

1) Measure out mirror size including holes for sconces and outlet

2) add trim to doorways and baseboards

3) touch-up paint

4) OH and can't forget, ADD THE TOILET

5) hang doors

6) hang accessories: hooks, toilet paper holder, and swap vanity pulls (the ones I ordered ended up being the wrong size).

7) add sconces once the mirror is hung.

8) seal marble

I know we still have more to go, but it's so fun to start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

So yes, I am so happy and so excited about the bathroom that I'm already planning out the next bathroom remodel. :)


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