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Shut the Front Door!

I'm happy to report that we are just as eager as ever to do our various home renovation/update projects. In fact, I think that they're even more fun now that we can see the transformations and no longer feel pressured by time.

We painted the house about a month ago and were excited to look into door/shutter colors!

We had always wanted a green for the exterior, and while we couldn't do that for the brick, trying to find a good green for the accents was something we hoped we could find.

In my quest for the perfect green, I did my research and ended up trying a sample of a Farrow & Ball paint color. While it does seem a tad extravagant to have a paint color shipped across the Atlantic, it really was so challenging to find a decent green color using the brands I was used to. We tried various green samples early on and quickly realized that it was actually challenging to find the "right" green that looked good surrounded by greenery.

Testing out the sample color!

Isn't this the tiniest paint sample you've ever seen? It barely covered the poster I used to test.

A reminder of the BEFORE before

Test color!

Testing it against the brick for potential shutter color!

Then we had to prep and prime! I sanded the brown (there was actually a gross bright green color underneath). Then we did two coats of primer.

Not fun to prime but David thought it would help the paint a lot.

Coat #1. It's looking goooood

why, hello there! (see me waving?) This was after two coats.

Three coats later, we put the fall accessories back on.

A view of it all together. The shutters will definitely be nice to have (and we have lots of paint left) but for now, I'm very happy :)

xx Anna

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