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The Saddest Bathroom In the World

One of the big downsides of this house was that all 2 full and 1 half baths needed to be redone. Each bathroom was "updated" by painting dark gray paint on the walls, throwing up an ill-fitting un-matching insert above the original 50+ year old tubs, and adding in a poorly fitted vanity.

Honestly, I could cry seeing this. I don't know if anyone else is as repulsed by this as I am, but it was truly horrific to see.

One of my requirements, before I was willing to move into the house at all, was that one main bathroom (upstairs) needed to be remodeled along with updating the upstairs bedrooms.

The upstairs bathroom quickly became our first dive into both DIY and learning about how to find and work with contractors.

Is this not the saddest bathroom you've ever seen?

^is this even trim?? And yes, it was just peeling off.

We were happy to finally find a contractor that would be able to work with our timing, easy to work with, and within our desired budget. This budget also meant that we were going to do a lot of work on our own. Our contractors are responsible for the demo and then the plumbing/tub/tile work as well as the electrical but we took on the responsibility of resurfacing the (terrible texture) walls, and all the paint, trim, shelving, and accessory work.

Once we finally picked a contractor and received the appropriate measurements it came time to pick vanities/tubs/tile/paint/etc. This sounds so fun, and in many ways, it is... but it is a WHOLE process. My Pinterest boards looked like this...

Earthy, warm, organic, with color and wood!

....but plans change when you have a budget and more importantly, a timeline. The fact that we needed everything to arrive ASAP became the number one driver because we couldn't schedule the contractor until we had everything and we couldn't move in until we had a bathroom.

We also had specifications in the bathroom that we had to work with. The biggest item to consider was a long but narrow vanity with only a single sink (that ideally fit in line with where the plumbing was. Turns out there was a single vanity on the internet that I found that would work. It wasn't the color I wanted originally but it was solid wood with a real marble countertop AND within budget. I even found a local warehouse that would sell overstock items and was happily surprised when this one vanity ended up being sold there (at an even lower price).

I honestly could write a blog post about picking each item... the bathtub, vanity, tile, lighting, and accessory fixtures and finishes...but I won't bore you. A recap- researching and picking something that is within your budget, timeline, and design aesthetic is an entire process that takes a lot of time. While I'd like to think that I have good taste, I am not a designer and have never had experience putting everything together so that it's cohesive. Picking each item takes effort and time but trying to put all the puzzle pieces together is much more complex. ANYWHO, long story short... it took a while but eventually everything was selected.

We were fortunate that the contractor came out and demoed everything within a couple of days from when we started.

It was so satisfying to see everything torn up.

After the demo, as we waited on all of the bathroom items to be selected and delivered, we went ahead and resurfaced the walls and prepped it for paint. David handled the resurfacing and did such an amazing job. I'm not sure if you can tell in photos, but it truly looked so uneven and had some terrible surfaces.

After selecting the bathroom paint, we painted the first coat. David went ahead and did some patching on the ceiling. We later painted the ceiling in its entirety too. You can see the trim is ripped off as we prepare to trim doorways soon!

We did another layer of paint and cleaned up the bathroom in preparation for the contractors.

The bathtub and all the bathroom accessories were officially in! Within a couple of days, our contractor let us know that they would begin working on the bathroom, starting with the tub. We also bought a replacement toilet so that will be swapped by the contractors.

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