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To Make a House into a Home...

My ultimate dream has been to one day purchase a house and pour in love and work to make it into a beautiful home. I've spent years dreaming of what type of house I'd want to have and all the ways that I would personalize it.

I am happy to say that this year, I have been fortunate to take the first step into fulfilling that dream. David and I had countless conversations on when would be a good time to purchase a house. We were more than willing to find a home that needed some updates but I don't think either of us expected to find a home that needed so much.

In some ways, this house is the perfect playground for a budding DIYer. It had a lot of major updates taken care of before we purchased it (roof, HVAC, etc), but needed cosmetic work on basically everything. In many ways it feels like this home was just neglected and that we now have the privilege of bringing it back to life. We have little to no experience with most of what we're doing, so we're just enjoying learning along the way!

Here she is in all her glory (this was before the weeds took over the entire front of the house, so in some ways it looks even worse at this exact moment).

Stay tuned for updates!

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