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What A Light!

This was the front entrance on the day that we closed on the house. There are many things wrong with this scene, but see that light fixture? It was my least favorite fixture of all. It has to be original, and honestly, it was so dirty, rusty, and ugly. If you look closely, you can also see the old storm door that we removed. The door was falling apart, we'll update it soon!

I ended up buying a new light a while ago, probably within the first couple of weeks that we had the house but I knew it'd be a while before we installed it. I love going through home store websites and ended up finding this one on Birch Lane :)

Given that we were going to paint the exterior, we waited to install it until after that was finished. It was so exciting to finally take that light fixture that I had been holding on to and install it! I think the original light fixture was actually broken by the time we finished painting so we were not sad at all to see it go.

Look at the new one now :)

A much different look from what we had

Where we're at today! Added some pumpkins to start the fall decor. Stay tuned for more!

Next up, paint choices for the door and shutters. This is my inspiration, still tbd if I want to match the door to the shutters or keep it a dark neutral (but definitely painted from that brown).

xx Anna

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